1. Feel as if you're sitting next to the teacher!

    Under the supervision of top Professor Lu Xiao Yi - from Beijing Language and Culture University, we have developed this joint China/English software, 21st Century Chinese, a multimedia software complete with images and pronunciation guidance.
    This remarkable language software is unlike any of its predecessors. When one learns Chinese, it is said that the most difficult aspect is the pronunciation. While most software include a CD or cassette tape for their listening practice, the user is unable to confirm the mouth, lips, and tongue movements required to produce the sounds. We believe that for successful Chinese study, one most see directly, the mouth of a native speaker of Chinese, and to mimic as close as possible the movements of the mouth. Our software is based on this principle.
    In the image to the left, you will see a list of English words. If you click on one, the Chinese words will appear and you will also hear how the word is pronounced. You will also see the mouth of, DJ Lulu, a female radipersonality from Beijing, now living and working in Japan. By clicking the Player button, you will hear the Chinese word and will see the correct mouth movements necessary to produce that sound. Stop and replay features are extremely helpful as you can practice and confirm, compare and improve with each trial.
    It is as if DJ. Lulu is by your side as you practice!

  2. A wide range of course levels allows practical learning for beginners up to advanced learners.

    Inside the CD-ROM of 21st Century Chinese, you will find a general section for pronunciation, an introductory course for beginners, a course with often used phrases, a video section with applicable conversations, and a section for useful applications. Altogether, this software covers 5,228 vocabulary words and contains 1,550 different movie clips.
    For those who have been longing to study Chinese, to those who have been studying Chinese for years, for true beginners, and for learners with specific purposes (study abroad, work, travel), this software is perfect for you. Check out real Chinese, real scenes, and real footage from China inside this software, 21st Century Chinese.

    Category Button Name Content Details
    All Pinyin Pronunciation All 1,293 syllables of Chinese pronunciation with 358 example links.
    (Chinese/English comparison, pronunciation with video guidance)
    Basic Course Beginner's Course 8 Basic Sentence Structures, 22 Different Idioms and 168 Examples.
    (Chinese/English comparison, pronunciation with video guidance)
    Intermediate Level Commonly Used Phrases 21 Categories, 478 Keywords and 478 Example conversation.
    (Chinese/English comparison, pronunciation with video guidance)
    Advanced Course Conversation in Context 21 Scenes of Actual Conversations (with subtitles and pronunciation guidance).
    Shared Chapter Useful Documents 5 Categories, 56 Sentences.
    (Chinese/English comparison)
    Total 5,228 Chinese vocabulary words and phrases (with pronunciation guidance).
    1,550 movie clips

  3. Master Chinese pronunciation in a short amount of time.

    When studying Chinese, the most difficult aspect is pronunciation. Sounds such as 'zhi', 'chi', and 'shi', which are difficult for new learners are coupled with complications from the 4 inflections of the Chinese language.
    With 21st Century Chinese learning software, every sound in the Chinese language is studied through the Chinese pronunciation system, 'All Pinyin'.
    For each and every sound, users may click to see the actual mouth movement involved in making that sound. At the same time, users can hear the 4 different inflections that go with particular sounds. Even for beginning learners of Chinese, after mastering this pronunciation chart, you may be able to read beautifully the section entitled 'Commonly Used Phrases'.

  4. PIN YIN pronunciation/ Chinese characters/ Commonly used Phrases Link

    Wouldn't it be ideal if while studying the different sounds in Chinese, you could not only hear how the sounds were produced, but you could also see examples of Chinese characters with those sounds, as well as commonly used words using that Chinese character? 21st Century Chinese thought so too!
    This software enables the learner to view the different sounds of PIN YIN, as on the left, and to click one to hear the 4 inflections of that sound. But, at the same time, users can also see the movement of the mouth as well as the Chinese characters that could possibly be read with that sound. Under each Chinese character, there is an arrow that when clicked, opens up on the left of the screen, and a list of commonly used words which use that particular Chinese character!
    If that wasn't enough, by clicking on the play button, you can hear how the word or phrase is used, as well as see how the mouth pronounces it.
    This feature of 21st Century Chinese learning software makes learning easy and fun!

  5. Test your Listening Skills

    With 21st Century Chinese, users can not only hear and see how pronunciation is done, but also they can do a listening test. Looking at the chart on the left, click to switch from 'Study' to 'Practice' and click 'Listen'. On the bottom of the screen will appear several choices of PIN YIN pronunciations with sounds and mouth movements chosen randomly. Test your listening skills by clicking on the matching PIN YIN sound listed on the bottom of the screen. If you are correct, you will hear the sound 'Pingpong'. If you are wrong, you will hear the sound 'Boo boo'. Assess your own listening strengths and weaknesses with this feature of our software.

  6. Excellent software even for beginners

    21st Century Chinese software is perfect even for the first time learner. By clicking on the Introductory Course, users can start with counting and move to daily conversations. The ability to play back the mouth movement guidance is key to advancing rapidly when studying Chinese. Confirm that you are pronouncing correctly by checking your pronunciation against the pronunciation assistant. Grammar patterns and rules are explained throughout the software, allowing users to easily compare and understand the differences between Chinese and English.

  7. Lists of High Frequency Words and Phrases

    21st Century Chinese classifies high frequency words and phrases into various categories, and lists them in a separate textbook. There are 21 different types of daily conversations ranging from greetings to shopping, using the telephone and asking for advice. There is also a category for new words, travel, the Olympics, and a list of the year's Top 10 phrases. Practical and genuine Chinese words and phrases have been reviewed by a scholar at the Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Lu Xiao Yi. Learn quickly from these lists of high frequency words while you hear how they are used in conversation.

  8. Real Life Video Clips

    21st Century Chinese includes short video clips actually taken on the streets of China. To the left of the screen entitled 'Conversation in Context', users can choose from 21 different sub-menus showing real life conversations visitors to China may confront. Some situations include making money exchanges at the bank, mailing a letter overseas at the post office, asking for direction, riding public transportation, how to eat Peking duck, how to use a telephone, phrases used when shopping, and even asking for help at a hospital. By watching and practicing along with the videos, users will benefit from seeing the context in which phrases are used and will gain the confidence needed to survive as a visitor in China.
    Users can follow along with the subtitles if need be, or can choose to disable them. There are several play and repeat functions as well.

  9. Useful Sentences.

    21st Century Chinese uses commonly used and practical sentences for the average person, for business, for law, for international transactions, and a broad 'others' category. Learners looking for phrases for their every day lives, in the business world, or for law negotiations will find useful sentences and phrases throughout the software, complete with convenient Chinese/English comparisons.

  10. Frequently added content downloadable from the internet.

    Users of 21st Century Chinese are actually buying the latest and most up-to-date Chinese available. We realize that as time changes, so does language. For that reason, we now offer a new updated version of 21st Century Chinese. Contents include: more frequently used phrases, more conversations in context, and more useful documents. By logging onto our company's homepage, members can download for free, newly and frequently updated Chinese words, phrases, and trends complete with sounds and images.
System Requirements
Memory 64MB or higher
CPU Pentium 330MHz or highe
Available Disc Space 850MB or higher
Sound System Speakers
Display Resolution: 800 X 600 or higher
Color High Color 16 bit or highe
O/S Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Media Player Standard Windows Media Player Version 6.4 or higher

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