Please review our FAQ's for answers related to your 21st Century Chinese software.
If your question is still unanswered, email us and we'll be glad to assist you.

1. Why do I have to download?

21st Century Chinese is a pioneering piece of software that allows you to study the Chinese language using the most up-to-date methods including the use of multimedia technology such as movies. By purchasing this product, you will have all the latest information at your fingertips. However, as the years go by, changes will happen to the Chinese language.
Fortunately this is nothing for you to worry about, because this product will move with the times by allowing you to download the newest words, expressions, sounds, and movies from our company's homepage and onto your computer.
2. What can I download?

This product's Pronunciation and Beginner's Course section will not change and therefore you do not need to update them. This is because these two sections cover the very basics of the Chinese language, such as Pinyin and Grammar Patterns. Commonly Used Phrases, Conversation in Context, and Useful Documents are the three sections that you will be able to update in the future.
3. How to download?

1. Check your Internet Connection
First you must check that your computer is connected to the internet. After the connection is established please follow to steps detailed below.

2. Click on the Download Button
Click on the Download button on the top menu of 21st Century Chinese. This will automatically open up our company's homepage.

3. Select the Section You Would Like to Update/Download
(1) Enter your User ID and click on 'Go to DOWNLOAD page'.
(2) Click on the topics that are available for download, for example the Top 10 Issues from the Commonly Used Phrases section.

4. Start to Download
(1) Click on the button OK.
(2) After you have confirmed the location you would like to save the document to, click on the Save button.
(3) Confirm that you would like to start downloading.

5. Check the Download File
Check and see if the downloaded EXE file is in fact the same file size as is written on our homepage. If not, there have been some instances where for various reasons, entire files were not completely downloaded. Try downloading the file again.

6. Setup the Download File
Double click on the file you downloaded, follow the instructions to install 21st Century Chinese Download File on your computer.
4. Where can I found my Product ID?

Product ID is attached on page 5 of the Instruction Manual. For the first time when executing 21 st Century Chinese, this product ID is necessary. Please keep it carefully.
5. How to get my User ID?

You can get your User ID from the online register address:

We offer the user who bought the 21st Century Chinese various service (For example: The download of the text file for the software, the latest vogue word with video guidance and more useful documents). In order to receive these services, the user's registration is necessary for getting a User ID.
6. The sound does not work

When click on the Play button, I can see the image appear, but no sound comes out.

Please check the following:
  1. Have you installed Windows Media Player? If you have not, please access the URL below to install it for free.
  2. Make sure you sound card and speaker are set up properly.
  3. Check that your speakers are connected and plugged in.
  4. Check that the mute button is disengaged and that your volume is turned up.
7. The video imaging does not appear

When the play button is clicked, you can hear sound, but the video image does not appear.

Please check the following:
  1. Try double clicking the Play button.
  2. Try selecting, dragging and dropping the entire screen a tiny bit. Sometimes a new position will kick start the image.
8. The words are scrambled

English words appear clearly on the screen, but the Chinese words are scrambled.

Please check the following:
    On your computer, select Control Panel, then Font, then copy from your 21st Century Chinese CD-ROM, mssong.ttf .
9. The screen freezes

The mouse stops moving; the screen is frozen; I can not end the program.

Please check the following:
    Restart your computer. If this problems happens often, we recommend that you add more memory space to your computer.
10. The images look out of kilter

Words or images do not fit into their frames; only one-third of an image is showing; words overflow their frames, frame sizes appear too large for their contents.

Please check the following:
    Follow these directions: Go to Start, then to Settings, then to Control Panel. Select Screen, then Setting, then Detail Settings. Select DPI Setting and make sure Common size 96 DPI is selected.
11. Problem when running the software

The speed of the video is too fast.

Please check the following:
    Press the "back" button, return to the main menu, then press play again.
12. I can not set up my download file

I get an error message when I try to set up the EXE file I downloaded.

Please check the following:
    Check and see if the downloaded EXE file is in fact the same file size as is written on our homepage. There have been some instances where for various reasons, entire files were not completely downloaded. Try downloading the file again.

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