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2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics Opening Ceremony Countdowns (5 Aug. 2016)

   21st Century Chinese - A Chinese Language Learning Software.

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  • Watch the mouth movements of the language assistant as you practice difficult Chinese pronunciations.
  • Allows practical learning for beginners on up to advanced learners.
  • Frequently added content downloadable from the internet.
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics Commemoration Edition.
  • Full Contents, Includes 1,550 Movie Clips.
  • Editor: Lu Xiao Yi, Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University.
  • Host: LuLu Miyazaki Hon, Chinese Radio Personality
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  • Sichuan Big Earthquake
        Time = Life
        Disaster Actual Place
        To Locale
        Medical Team
        Blood Donation of Obligation
        Yingxiuzhan Information
        To Quake Epicenter
        Wen Tours Quake Epicenter
        72 Hour Timely Mitts
        Epicentral News
        Nighttime News
        Relief Actual Place
        Wenchuan Decisive Battle
        Half-mast in Tiananmen Square
        An Eerie Silence in China
        [Poem]  Birth-death Non-separation

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